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3 Paint Colors for Large Rooms With High Ceilings for Your Woodstock Home

paint colors for large rooms with high ceilings

High ceilings are a treat in homes since they offer a more dramatic appearance. Since residents associate rooms with plenty of overhead space with luxurious manors and other high-value houses, it’s understandable this feature raises property value. If you have a room like this in your home, you want to make the most of it — and that means choosing the right paint color.

How do you choose paint colors for large rooms with high ceilings? The right option can do wonders for any household room, from making smaller ones look more breathable to making larger ones cozier. So, depending on the illusion and aesthetic you want to depict, consider the following three hues that Woodstock’s skilled residential painters at A&P Painting & Flooring frequently use. 

1. Lighter Shades

A vaulted living room ceiling standing at least eight feet high makes any room, even those with smaller square footage, seem bigger. If you want to maximize this space, consider painting the room white. This shade allows light to bounce off the walls, giving an illusion of the walls being more spaced apart. 

Cool-tone whites may seem too hospital-like, so implement eggshell, off-white, or tan with their yellow or pink undertones on your Woodstock walls. These colors provide a more welcoming warmth while still creating an airy feel. Also, consider painting the ceiling a lighter color for slight depth and contrast. 

2. Black or Dark Brown

On the flip side, black makes a statement for anyone interested in a modern or contemporary appearance. While this bold hue is not common in homes, especially with low-hanging ceilings, those looking for paint colors for large rooms with high ceilings use this opportunity to create drama. 

Rich, earthy browns are another risky color scheme but are a top choice for those looking for a rustic feel. No matter which darker colors you lean toward, install large windows for tons of Georgia natural light and incorporate lighter-colored accessories like beige furniture or light brown floors. 

3. Vibrant Reds and Oranges

If bold black is no more your shade than whites and lighter pastels, consider something in the middle. Vibrant reds and oranges offer enough flare and richness to make a statement in Woodstock living spaces. The warm undertones also produce a more inviting atmosphere than deeper blues and purples. 

Many contrast dark and light by making the orange or red wall an accent wall. Matching furniture or rugs to this accent wall prevents bright colors from overtaking your room, so find your balance and hire a professional for a second opinion. 

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A&P Painting & Flooring’s five-star team offers interior and exterior painting for your suburban Woodstock, GA, home. Each experienced painter promises guaranteed satisfaction, no matter what you choose for your paint colors for large rooms with high ceilings. Whether you need to paint a hallway with no windows or your entire abode, reach out to A&P Painting & Flooring for beautiful paint colors and an exquisite finish! 

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