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4 Things To Consider When Painting an Accent Wall

Woman painting her accent wall
Woman painting her accent wall

Painting an accent wall remains a hot trend in the home and business improvement game. Everyone from your neighbor to your local coffee shop or that fancy restaurant might be in on the action. 

Besides being trendy, accent walls also provide a cost-effective solution to boost your home’s or business’s value. Unlike other solutions, painting an accent wall makes for a great DIY project. However, you still have many considerations to take into account. 

This guide will explore four considerations and steps when painting your accent wall. For extra help, you can contact the best commercial painting services in Woodstock, GA

1. Determine Where To Put It

Some homeowners make the mistake of putting too many accent walls in their homes. Instead, choose which room or rooms would benefit the most from having an accent wall. 

Alongside choosing the correct room, select the right wall too. Again, this choice can come down to personal taste. However, most interior designers choose the wall that’ll grab the most attention upon entering. 

2. Choose the Perfect Color Scheme

Picking the right color for painting an accent wall can feel like the most challenging step. Many color schemes exist and finding a suitable accent color will take time. You can follow the following formula: 

  • 60% of a room should be a dominant color 
  • 30% of the room should be a secondary color 
  • 10% of the room should be your accent color

Ideally, your accent color should contrast your white walls or any dark color in place. Narrow your selections down to no more than three colors. Paint a small section of your wall using the colors and determine which one looks best. 

3. Remember To Look at the Bigger Picture

You may want to paint over your accent wall’s neutral colors with something brighter. On the other hand, many homeowners may want a full-room redesign in the future or want to add some extra furniture. 

Determine if you’ll redesign your room anytime soon. If so, wait to paint your accent wall after redecorating the room. 

4. Thoroughly Prepare Your Room for the Painting Process

When painting your accent wall, expect the room to be unusable for a few days. To thoroughly prepare your room, you should do the following: 

  • Move all your items outside the room or keep them at least five feet away from the accent wall. 
  • If you keep furniture inside the room, consider covering it in case of paint splashes. You can use tarps or canvas for your furniture. Also, apply painter’s tape to paint down your floor’s ceiling and its sides. 
  • Ensure your wall doesn’t have any holes or other imperfections. If it does, you should fill them. You can use a spackle pen for smaller holes. 

Let The A&P Contractors Painting & Flooring Team Paint Your Accent Wall Today

Painting an accent wall can be fun but tricky. Besides the actual process, many homeowners need help finding a suitable color scheme. The A&P Contractors Painting & Flooring team can help. From start to completion, expect the best customer satisfaction. 

Woodstock, GA, residents should reach out to them today for a free estimate!

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