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4 Things To Consider When Painting an Uneven Wall

painting an uneven wall

An uneven wall creates unsightly decor issues. Painting can fix and beautify such a wall. Dunwoody’s top-rated painting company provides four things to consider when painting an uneven wall in this heat.

1. When Should You Paint an Uneven Wall?

Many home improvement projects require seasonal adjustments. To get the best outcome for painting an uneven wall, keep in mind that:

  • Dunwoody has high humidity all year long, making a morning paint job better for the paint application and drying
  • A medium temperature works best, so don’t counter humidity with extreme cold
  • Pay attention to the room and surface temperature; just because one feels cool doesn’t mean they are both cool

2. What Sort of Paint Should You Use?

Paint trends come and go, but painting uneven walls consistently follows the same paint selection guidelines. Following them enhances the wall and enhances the design of a room or house, too.

Select a Flat Finish

A flat finish hides more blemishes than a glossy finish. 

Select a Dark Color

Select a dark color unless a lighter palette or creating the appearance of a larger room matters. Dark colors hide more imperfections. Lighter colors reflect more light and, thus, more imperfections.

Consider a Smoothover Paint

A smoothover paint serves as both paint and a filler, which provides cost and time savings. But only a high-build paint covers the common imperfections that plague an uneven wall like:

  • Hairline cracks
  • Minor bumps
  • Surface scratches.

3. How To Handle Surface Preparation

Proper preparation is key to effectively painting an uneven wall. Sanding the wall prevents old paint from flaking off into the new paint and will enhance the texture and color. This promotes an even appearance. Never apply paint to an uneven wall without sanding, no matter the quality of the paint.

Applying a primer and then drywalling are the next steps. These steps serve as a chance to create a surface that is smooth enough to paint on.

Finally, consider how you’ll approach painting itself. A common painting technique for uneven walls is cutting in via taping the edge of the wall. This prevents border violations. 

4. Consider Working With a Professional Painter

A great deal of quality painting advice exists on the internet.

However, gorgeous painting outcomes demand:

  • Physical stamina
  • Knowledge of application techniques for each stage of the project
  • Insight into design aspects such as color and spatial layout

A professional painter has these qualifications. These experts can turn painting an uneven wall into a home upgrade that increases the value of any property.

Contact A&P Painting and Flooring to Avoid Making a Painted Wall Look Like a DIY Project

A&P Painting and Flooring provides professional paint services for discerning clients. Their expert painters will go above and beyond to produce fantastic results, every time.

A paint job should enhance a home. A&P Painting and Flooring ensures that it does. Contact A&P Painting and Flooring to make painting an uneven wall much easier.

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