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Average Cost of Painting a House Exterior (2021 Pricing Guide)

average cost to paint a house exterior

Home improvement can be a significant investment—you don’t want to stumble into it blindly. You need up-to-date price points to build a realistic budget for your home improvement goals. Let’s take a look at some of the facts that affect the cost of painting your home exterior in Georgia.

1. The Square Footage of the House Exterior

The primary variable in pricing for exterior home painting is the number of square feet that need to be painted. Painting a single-story home won’t require as much paint as a home with two, three, or more stories. Essentially, if your home is very large, it will require more square feet of paint coverage, which translates into needing more paint.

Additionally, square footage can increase with detailed additions like painting garage doors, gutters, downspouts, and porches. These finishing touches will add personality and style, as well as an increased price tag. Every inch matters when it comes to having the right amount of paint to complete the job.

2. The Required Prep Work for Painting

To maximize the longevity of exterior painting, the existing siding, exterior moldings, and window/door sills all need to be in good condition before they are painted. If these items are cracking, sagging, or otherwise damaged, they will need to be replaced. Of course, each product and panel will add to the total cost of the home improvement project, whether they are repaired or replaced.

3. The Type, Brand, and Finish of Exterior Paint Used

Another factor that can significantly impact the price of painting the exterior of your home is the paint itself. There are numerous types of paint, like latex and oil-based primers and enamel paints with eggshell or satin-gloss finishes. Additionally, multiple brands of paint are available at every budget level.

4. The Amount of Labor

The final determining factor in an exterior painting estimate is the amount of labor that will be needed to complete the home improvement project. The labor that can go into painting a home’s exterior can be detailed as well as potentially dangerous. 

Your professional estimate will include considerations for all these factors. Even if you choose to do the work yourself, your time is valuable and should be considered. In that case, you also need to add equipment costs into the equation.

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Obviously, there are a lot of factors that go into creating a realistic estimate for painting your home’s exterior. Professional contractors have the experience and industry knowledge to meet your exterior paint needs at an affordable rate. For residential painting in Woodstock, GA, call A & P Contractors at (470) 300-9060 to schedule a free consultation and estimate today.

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