8 Best Office Paint Colors to Consider for Improving Productivity

best office paint colors

Every feature of your office space impacts the mood and efficiency of your employees. The color of the walls can even affect workers’ emotional state and productivity. With that in mind, you may be asking yourself, “What are the best office paint colors to boost productivity in Woodstock, GA?”

The team at A&P Contractors created the ultimate guide to the best colors for office painting. For more information about office paint colors or to speak to a painting professional, give A&P Contractors a call today at 470-300-9060.

A Brief Review of Color Theory

It’s impossible to discuss the best office paint colors for productivity without mentioning color theory. Developed by Angela Wright in the 1980s, color theory explores the impact of colors on mood. Understanding how color theory works can give you more insight when selecting paint for your office.

The theory deals with four color families, as follows:


According to color theory, shades of blue stimulate the mind and boost productivity. Blue often helps employees stay focused at their workspace, making it a suitable color choice for professional environments.


The color green often produces a sense of calmness and balance. It also generates a feeling of reassurance.


Employees often feel increased urgency when exposed to the color red. The fiery shade can boost energy levels but may lead to feelings of overwhelm.


Businesses use yellow to increase positive emotions, such as happiness or contentedness. Joyful employees are generally more productive, making it worthwhile to invest in yellow décor.

The Best Colors for Your Office

Selecting the best office paint colors depends on your personal preferences and the energy you want to generate in the space. However, interior designers typically agree that the most popular shades for workspaces include:

1. Light Blue

Light blues shades range from sky blue to teal, a mix of green and blue. Paints in this color scheme tend to make employees feel calm and focused. That said, professionals recommend considering the brightness of the paint when choosing your options. For example, you may select a lighter shade of blue if your office space lacks natural light.

2. Blue-Gray

Blue-gray paints often stimulate employees without creating overwhelm and give offices a clean and professional appearance. Many of these colors look especially nice if you have a lot of natural light in the office.

3. Dark Green

Dark greens provide employees with a sense of calmness and peace. However, experts generally recommend against brighter greens, like lime colors. These bright shades can feel blinding, especially in offices with industrial lighting.

4. Soft Purple

Soft purple shades give offices a regal feeling while maintaining a sense of calmness. You can go darker if you want a more serious atmosphere or turn to reddish purples to create more feminine energy in your office space.

5. Pastel Yellow

Yellow can boost creativity and productivity in your workspace. That said, many offices use softer shades to prevent employees from feeling overwhelmed by the color. You can also accent pastel yellows with brown or white to reduce the impact while adding extra design features to your space.

6. Off-White

Off-white paints create a soft, clean aesthetic for your office. These paints generally don’t boost productivity much on their own, but they provide you with a blank slate. As a result, you can add décor in colors that increase employee activity.

Experts generally recommend avoiding bright white colors, though. Often, they give your office a clinical look that employees find off-putting.

7. Brown

Brown paint generates a warm atmosphere that gives workers a feeling of strength and power. Many people get a masculine vibe from brown pigments. However, too much brown can darken the space and make employees feel tired during the workday.

8. Orange

Orange is a very intense color that can keep employees awake and engaged with their work. However, too much of this color can feel harsh. For this reason, professionals often recommend using orange on a single wall or as an accent color.

You can pair an orange wall with off-white or gray paint to balance out the vivid shade’s energy.

Mix Colors to Boost Productivity

If you can’t choose a single shade, you can mix your home office paint colors to create a unique atmosphere featuring all your aesthetic preferences. Some people prefer to keep a single color on each wall, but you can also stimulate productivity by mixing colors and styles.

Increase the visual appeal of your office by:

  • Pairing white and blue: An entirely blue room may feel overwhelming, depending upon the intensity of the color you chose. You can balance out powerful shades with calm, white paint. Consider adding blue panels to generate a clean, crisp appearance.
  • Adding greenery to your space: Add color to an office space with design features that go beyond paint. Including live plants or trees can give workers another productivity boost without the hassle of painting your office. Greenery often goes well in off-white offices, but they can work with any paint color.
  • Increasing comprehension with bright yellow: Bright yellow shades can feel overpowering to many workers. However, a few spots of bright yellow may help employees retain information more efficiently. Consider adding bright yellow accents to grab employees’ attention in an office.
  • Boosting urgency with red: Red can easily overwhelm your staff. However, the color increases alertness and gives workers a sense of urgency. Pair red with greys to help your office maintain a suitable mental balance.

Find the Best Paint Color for Your Needs

Are you interested in finding the best office paint colors for your company? You can learn more about interior and exterior house color trends with the Roswell commercial painting experts. For more information or to learn about painting services by A&P Painting and Flooring, contact a member of the team today at (470) 300-9060.

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