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Can You Paint Siding on Houses?

can you paint siding on houses

If your house is ready for a remodel, you’ve probably thought about painting it. However, painting might not be your best move if you have vinyl siding. For homeowners in Georgia, hiring Woodstock residential painters at A&P Painting & Flooring can make exterior painting accessible. 

Professionals can help you pick a siding color during a color consultation, use paint for vinyl siding that provides more effective coverage than your store-bought alternatives, and finish your paint job, so it’s ready to withstand the weather. 

Should You Paint Vinyl Siding? 

Are you wondering, “Can you paint siding on houses?” The answer is: “Absolutely.” However, if you’re going for a do-it-yourself approach, the real question might be: “Should you?” There are a few cases in which you might not want to paint your vinyl siding, which include:

  • You have a siding warranty. Look at your warranty’s fine print to determine whether or not painting would nullify your plan. If that’s the case, you might not want to repaint your home exteriors. 
  • Your siding is outdated. If you have siding with compromised integrity, new paint can make it look better, but it can’t make it more structurally sound. Before you decide to have paint formulated for outdated siding, you might want to upgrade it first. 
  • You want a more accessible DIY project. While painting home exteriors can be a rewarding project, it’s also incredibly time-consuming. Costs can add up when you add in the paint for vinyl siding, scaffolding, sprayers, and other equipment. Hiring a pro can save you time and money. 

In many cases, you should paint your vinyl siding if you’re interested in giving your home some extra color and personality. Professional painters and contractors can help you execute your vision, assist you when choosing the right shades, and weatherproof your paint job to help your investment last for years. You can paint vinyl siding for exceptional, long-lasting results with the right team. 

Use the Right Paints

Working with a professional can help you choose the ideal paints and hues for your home’s exterior. Painters provide a thorough color consultation to help you find appropriate shades. They also know about paint formulated for exteriors and siding. 

Professional painters frequently use paints formulated with urethane and acrylic. This specific paint formulation helps the mixture adhere to siding and provides even coverage. To avoid buying the wrong colors, contact local painters to help guide you to the suitable materials. 

Find Professional Painters Near You

If you’re ready to start painting house exteriors and wondering where to start, A&P Painting & Flooring can help you. Learn more about painting over old exterior paint, updating vinyl siding, and refreshing your home. In addition, we have experienced exterior painters who can guide your project toward success, so call today at (470) 300-9060.

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