Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Home Exterior


Painting your home’s exterior requires a serious commitment to its new color. Choosing the right paint color affects how you feel about your home, how well you mesh with your neighborhood, and potential buyers’ opinions. Before scheduling your house for exterior painting in Roswell, GA, learn how to choose the perfect paint colors by using the following tips.

Check Out Your Community

Your neighbors may have different paint styles or stick to a particular trend, leaving you to decide if you want to blend in or stand out. Choosing a lighter or darker color than your neighbors’ houses lets you make a statement without creating an eyesore. You want to choose a color that makes your home noticeable while still fitting in, especially if you plan on selling soon.

If the neighboring houses don’t strike your fancy, take inspiration from the landscape around your home. Mountainous regions may lend a smoky gray to your exterior, while homes in open neighborhoods may look best painted eggshell white. 

Match Your Interior Style

Whether you want to contrast or complement your home’s interior, your wall colors may affect how you feel about your exterior paint. Many homeowners spend a lot of time in their living rooms, so consider how those colors make you feel while choosing the right paint color for your home’s exterior.

If you can see into your home from your driveway or the street, the color of your exterior walls could affect how outsiders view your home’s interior. Seeing your interior walls through large bay windows, glass sliding doors, and similar architecture may help you choose the right paint color for your home. Try looking at your home from different angles to help you decide how your exterior paint compares to your interior colors.

Steer Clear of Trends

Home exterior paint trends for 2022 won’t look the same in 2030, so if you plan to sell your home, you may want to stick with classic colors. Years past saw terrible paint colors like turquoise, light yellow, and woody browns, so imagine today’s trends and look forward before saying yes to them. You want to love your home if you don’t sell it and make sure homebuyers like what they see if you decide to move in the future.

Many color options exist, so you can match your style while still considering how your home will look in ten years. Choose a color that ages with grace, doesn’t show a lot of wear and tear, and looks great in natural light. You want your home’s exterior to impress at all hours of the day and for many years to come.

Are You Ready to Paint Your Home’s Exterior?

While choosing the right paint color starts the home exterior upgrade journey, the next step involves finding the best local professionals to apply it. A&P Painting & Flooring provides quality painting services for homes in Roswell, GA. Contact the team today to schedule a custom quote for your exterior painting project.

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