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Do You Have To Paint the Whole WallAfter Patching?

do you have to paint the whole wall after patching

When you notice damage on your walls, a common question that comes to mind is, “Do you have to paint the whole wall after patching?” 

A&P Painting & Flooring, known for trusted house painting services in Cumming, GA, will help you determine whether a touch-up will suffice or if a full repainting is necessary.

Wall Damage and Touch-Ups

Some minor damage to interior wall surfaces can be corrected with small touch-up work, including: 

  • Scratches
  • Chips
  • Dents
  • Scuffs
  • Marks

More significant damage often requires full repainting to correct, including: 

  • Peeling or flaking paint
  • Stained paint
  • Large areas of wear and tear

Handling a Small Touch-Up

Assess the type and extent of the paint damage. Patching or filling small nail holes with spackle are the sort of jobs that are straightforward and simple. Larger holes or major cracks often require replacing sections of drywall. 

Before a small touch-up, you should thoroughly clean the affected area with a damp cloth and water mixed with a mild detergent. Paint will not properly adhere to a dirty or dusty wall. Sometimes a small cleaning job reveals how dirty the rest of a wall is, leading to a larger cleaning job or repainting.

Of course, matching the paint exactly is critical to a proper touch-up. It’s always a good idea to store some paint from previous paintings for small repairs. Hardware or paint stores can often match paints when there is no reserve paint on hand. When possible, a primer applied before you touch up the repair helps colors blend and adhere to repaired areas. 

It’s also important to match the original paint texturing by using the same brush or roller applicator as previously used to paint the wall. Every applicator can create a different texture, and the direction of brushing or rolling is just as important. 

Start with a small amount of paint to avoid unnecessary streaking. If more is needed, apply it gradually, starting at the center of the flaw and feathering outward no further than necessary to properly blend the touch-up into the last applied paint.  

When To Consider Repainting the Entire Wall

Do you have to paint the whole wall after patching? If the damage is more significant or the existing paint is more than five years old, you might consider repainting the entire wall or room. 

Repainting provides a more durable solution when using fresh and high-quality paint. Of course, the opportunity to repaint also presents a chance to revamp interior decor and express new design and artistic ideas

Let the Pros at A&P Painting and Flooring Provide Top-Notch Service 

If matching the last applied paint isn’t possible or you decide it is best to repaint a wall or room, it’s time to call on a professional for a perfect and durable fit and finish that matches your interior design concepts for fresh interior painting. Do you have to paint the whole wall after patching? A&P Painting and Flooring is here to help.

Contact A&P Painting and Flooring today for the best professional painting in Cummings by an award-winning 5-star rated company! Learn more today.

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