Four Best Exterior House Colors That Help Sell Properties Faster

what color house sells the best

The color of a home can sometimes be the deciding factor for a potential buyer. Some colors tend to catch a person’s eye more than others, giving your home more curb appeal when it’s time to sell. 

However, figuring out what color scheme draws a crowd can be tricky. What color house sells the best? This list gives you an idea of what colors will have Roswell, GA, tenants lining up at your door. Here are four exterior house colors that will help sell your properties faster, compiled by the painting experts at A&P Contractors.

1. Blue

Whether it’s a gentle light blue or a bold navy, blue seems to catch the eye of home buyers more than most other colors. It strikes balance between neutral and unique, boosting curbside appeal to the utmost degree. Blues also mesh well with most traditional exterior colors like white and gray. 

Blue’s versatile nature gives it seemingly endless appeal, making your home stand out in the best way possible. If you want to sell your home in a blink of an eye, consider painting it a soothing shade of blue before putting it to market.

2. White

Another versatile color that blends well with nearly every shade, white allows your home to shine bright against the competition. It coats your home in a luminous tint that makes it look fresh and clean to potential buyers. It is also easy to cover up, giving future residences the option to paint over or enhance the color with relative ease. 

White might be a bit bland for some adventurous homeowners, but its neutrality can give you a much-needed boost in a competitive housing market. 

3. Green

Green, along with other earthy colors, tend to blend in with a home’s outdoor environment. A green home surrounded by elaborate foliage and gardens can create a soft, warm atmosphere for buyers. It can portray a sense of exoticism as well as a feeling of coziness. Green also works in both rural and urban environments, making your home stand out regardless of the surrounding area. 

4. Grey

Grey is another versatile color that can match nearly any home’s exterior trim. It’s a safe choice for people still on the fence about coloring their home before listing it for sale. 

A recent study found that homes with a dark grey front door sold for $6,000 more than expected. You might think it’s another somewhat basic color tone, but it will have buyers swarming your door trying to outbid one another due to its alluring nature. You really can’t go wrong with a nice grey exterior. 

After you’ve found your answer to what color house sells the best, you’ll need professional help with the painting process. That’s where A&P Contractors come in. With some of the most respected painters in Roswell, GA, A&P can take your home to new heights with their team of painting experts. 

A&P offers five-star customer service at a rate that won’t drain your savings. If you are planning to paint your home, give Roswell’s #1 rated painting company a call at (470) 397-4944 for service you can trust.

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