Five House Painting Ideas for the Holidays

house painting for holidays

Is your home starting to look festive as we enter the most wonderful time of the year? Consider painting your home this holiday season. A fresh coat of paint can make your home look more beautiful and inviting.

Paint can revitalize the look and feel of your living room, dining room, or kitchen area. Contact A&P Contractors today to work with Woodstock’s interior painting experts. If you need house painting ideas, consider the following.

1. Change Up the Color

Before decorating and painting your home for the holidays, you must consider the big picture. It’s important to select a wall shade that complements the color palette of your decorations. Let’s look at some popular holiday colors to spread cheer:

  • Red: Red is a classic color perfect for the holidays, so choose a shade as irresistible as a candy cane. Make a bold statement in any room with this gorgeous color. 
  • Blue: Consider pale blue if you prefer a relaxed and calm color scheme. Blue can brighten up any room and match all types of furniture. 
  • White: If you want a white Christmas, you can’t go wrong with white paint. Using white in your interior design will open up a room and create a sense of harmony. 
  • Go neutral: Neutral paint colors are a good choice if you don’t like traditional holiday colors. Neutral shades can complement the gold and silver decorations on your holiday tree. 

2. Paint an Accent Wall

Use greens or reds to transform your living room into an elegant and festive holiday atmosphere. Accent walls look the best in large, family, or guest rooms. Bold colors on walls will give your home a pop of color, enhancing the rest of the decor. 

3. Paint the Family Room

Holidays such as Hanukkah can inspire house painting ideas. For example, silver-colored walls in a family room can add a sense of tradition and timelessness. To create a truly memorable experience, spruce up the room with blue and white decorations. 

4. Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

Families spend more time together in the kitchen during the holiday season. If you wish to match the cabinets in the kitchen with the rest of the home, you should choose a color that matches your walls. Consider painting your kitchen cabinets in white, light gray, or pastel hues to refresh the space. 

5. Paint the Rooms Most Used

Avoid painting the entire house during the holiday season. You can make your guest’s experience pleasant by focusing on painting rooms where they will spend most of their time, such as the living room.

Start Your Holiday Painting Today

A&P Contractors can brighten up your home with fresh new paint and provide free color consultations to help you select the best colors that match your home. Whether you struggle to pick a color scheme or need someone to help you realize your aspirations, professional painters can help!

Contact A&P Contractors in Woodstock, GA, today for more house painting ideas or to schedule your painting project.

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