Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Woodstock

Has your hardwood flooring seen better days? Restore it to mint condition and save unnecessary replacement costs with our hardwood floor refinishing services. Contact us today.

When it comes to durability and longevity, nothing beats a hardwood floor, but over the long term heavy foot traffic, spills, shifting furniture, and pet claws will start wearing down your beautiful flooring.

The good news is that a hardwood floor has a hundred-year functional lifespan—there’s rarely a need to consider an expensive floor replacement. With hardwood floor refinishing services from our award-winning team at A&P Painting and Flooring, you can restore your flooring to like-new condition.

You won’t find better service, results, or rates anywhere else in Woodstock, GA. We’re dedicated to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Need to expand your hardwood flooring to other rooms? Have areas with irreparable damage? Contact us for reasonably priced hardwood floor installation services.

Woodstock Hardwood Floor Refinishing: How it Works

When providing a hardwood floor refinishing service, our on-site job supervisors implement a proven process, ensuring consistent and satisfactory results.

  1. Carpet removal: In some cases, carpets, tiles, or other flooring are put in over wooden floors. If that’s the case in your home or business, we carefully remove the covering using specialized tools and a safe chemical solvent before beginning the refinishing process.
  2. Sanding: During the refinishing process, we’ll sand your hardwood floor to get a smooth finish. If your floor hasn’t been sanded in a long time, we’ll start with 36-grit sandpaper while paying careful attention to the corners and edges. With the second and third passes, we use finer sanding pads with grits of 80 and 100.
  3. Staining and Sealing: Once we have your floor flawless, we’ll clean up any dust and apply a stain if you like. You can choose from a wide range of stain colors or skip the stain and let the wood’s natural tones shine through. To top everything off, we’ll apply a polyurethane finish to create a protective seal.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing vs. Replacement

In almost all cases, hardwood floor refinishing is more cost-effective than a complete floor replacement. Hardwood floors are built to last, and many 19th-century homes still have their original wooden flooring.

If a hardwood floor is old and has been sanded repeatedly throughout its lifespan, another refinishing may thin out the planks too much, which affects its structural integrity. In these cases, we may recommend replacement.

Working on a remodel? We do more than just floors! We also offer professional interior painting.

Hardwood Floor Repairs in Woodstock

Refinishing isn’t always sufficient to restore a hardwood floor’s condition, and structural issues may require additional attention. We’re a full-service company and can repair your floors before refinishing them. You can count on us for the following hardwood repair services:

  • Replacing cracked or split planks
  • Refastening squeaky boards or planks
  • Installing new support structures where necessary
  • Replacing components with significant water damage
  • Reattaching the hardwood floor to the subfloor

If repairs are necessary, we’ll note it during the initial assessment and include it in your quote.

For top-quality hardwood refinishing services in Woodstock, GA, to restore your floor’s appearance and function, put your trust in our team at A&P Painting and Flooring.

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