How Long Does It Take for Deck Stain to Dry?

how long does it take for deck stain to dry

Are you planning on applying new wood stain to your deck? If so, you’re probably wondering, “How long does it take for deck stain to dry?” As Dunwoody’s top-notch painting company, A&P Painting and Flooring can help you understand everything you should know about deck stain. From choosing the right type to painting at the best time, they help you do it all.

Types of Deck Stain

You can choose from two different types of deck stains, both of which have different pros and cons.


Also known as alkyd deck stains, this option often requires less investment and can repel a significant amount of water. These stains also deeply penetrate the wood, protect against cracking or warping, and mitigate mold and fungal growth. They also dry in about half the time as water-based stains.


These stains generally cost more and don’t penetrate the wood as deeply. However, they remain popular because they provide significant benefits, such as:

  • Easier cleaning
  • Lower maintenance requirements
  • More eco-friendly with fewer detrimental organic compounds

Factors Affecting Stain Drying Time

How long does it take for deck stain to dry? How long it takes to obtain a fully dried coat of stain depends on several factors.


Weather conditions greatly affect how quickly your stain dries. Both types of stain dry best in warm sunny weather, though excessive heat can cause the stain to dry too quickly. Rain also has a detrimental effect on drying time.

Stain Type

Oil-based stains dry faster than water-based options. They can dry in as little as 24 hours, though they take an overage of 48 hours. Water-based stains need at least 72 hours to dry completely.


Applying the stain with a roller can prevent applying too much or too little, which subsequently affects the time it takes to dry. Sprayers can work but require more attention to detail.

Type of Wood

Softwoods like pine absorb more of the stain, requiring a longer drying time. Hardwoods like maple dry much faster.

Tips for Increasing Your Deck Stain Efficiency

If you don’t want the poorly-dried stain to conflict with your other backyard landscaping ideas, your painting contractor will implement the following practices.

Choose the Right Time

The best time for painting is a period with no rain or wind. The temperature should remain between 50 and 70 degrees with humidity between 40% and 70%.

Prep the Deck

Clean the deck well and repair any damage that could prevent the stain from adhering adequately. A pressure washer provides the most efficient method for cleaning the deck.

Use the Right Tools

The painting contractor should use the best tools for the job. For some decks, that may include a paint sprayer whereas other projects might see the best results from a brush or roller.

Reach Out to the Deck Staining Experts

How long does it take for deck stain to dry? Now you know all the factors that help determine the answer. The A&P Painting and Flooring team uses the highest quality stains and techniques to ensure you’re always satisfied with the end results.

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