How Often Should You Paint Your House in Woodstock?

how often should you paint your house

“How often should you paint your house?” is a common question among homeowners who want to spruce up their homes with a fresh coat of paint. A paint project can do wonders for a home’s interior and exterior, but problems can arise, causing the need for someone to repaint various surfaces. As Woodstock’s experienced residential painters, A&P Painting & Flooring sheds light on when to repaint a home and what signs to watch for. 

How Often You Should Paint Your Woodstock Home’s Interior

Painting walls inside your home is easier than painting the outside of the property, and it produces longer-lasting results. The inside of your house doesn’t experience the same environmental conditions as its exterior surfaces, so a paint job could last for about five to 15 years. Most homeowners apply a fresh coat of paint to change colors, not to fix natural wear. 

How Often You Should Paint the Outside of Your Woodstock Residence

How often should you paint your house’s exterior? Unfortunately, exposure to the elements will cause paint to look weathered and faded within five to ten years. Thankfully, you can keep your house in Woodstock looking its best by painting the property’s exterior before it exhibits signs of wear and tear.

Starting a painting project early can reduce your preparation needs, making the job easier. Proactively painting your home could also drop painting costs because the building won’t require much prep work.

Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Repaint Your Home

One of the reasons most exterior paints don’t last longer than ten years is degradation from the sun. Snow, rain, and wind also contribute to the weathering of paint. It’s helpful to use acrylic-based paints because they have impressive weather resistance and protection against fading from sunlight exposure. Still, you might choose to repaint your home’s interior or exterior for reasons beyond weather and sun damage, like:

  • Altered paint colors: Sometimes, the sun’s UV rays will alter colors instead of fading them. For example, beige exterior paint could develop pinkish hues over time.
  • Damaged paint: If walls have dry or wet rot, your interior or exterior paint could bubble, crack, or flake. 
  • Stucco patching: If your Woodstock home needs stucco repair, you could patch the damage and repaint the property to maintain the home’s curb appeal and avoid streaky patchwork.
  • Better curb appeal: A new coat of paint will breathe life into your home’s visual appeal and property value. 

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As a five-star rated home improvement company in Woodstock, GA, A&P Painting & Flooring offers the community comprehensive residential and commercial painting services. Their top priority is to meet the home improvement needs of any customer and exceed all expectations using quality paints, years of hands-on painting experience, and industry-leading painting techniques.

These expert painters can help customers with anything, like finding the best paint colors for large rooms with high ceilings and answering questions like “How often should you paint your house?” Contact their crew today to book an appointment.

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