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How To Pick a Matching Wall and Floor Color Combination for Your Woodstock Home

wall and floor color combination

Whether you’re redecorating your Woodstock home or planning the interiors for a new one, picking a matching wall and floor color combination is always a daunting experience. You can’t afford to get the combination wrong because the wall and floor determine the ambiance of any space. Also, any mistakes you make here will be expensive to fix.

How can you choose the perfect combination of floor and wall color? A&P Painting and Flooring, the top choice for premium house painting in Woodstock, GA, will discuss the details in this post.

Start With the Flooring First

Flooring is the bigger expense in this conversation. Therefore, you should start with settling on the choice of floor color before you move on to choosing a wall color. Wood floors mostly come in four major undertones:

  • Warm tones (wood floors that have a yellow, brown or red hue)
  • Cool tones (wood floors that have a bluish hue)
  • Neutral tones (wood floors that have a gray hue)
  • Dark tones (black, dark brown, or dark blue floors)

Most people choose warm or neutral floors because it’s easier to flesh out the rest of the décor around them.

Choose the Right Wall Color

To pick a winning wall and floor color combination, experts recommend choosing wall colors that matches your floor’s undertones.

For a Dark Floor 

Dark floors look chic and sophisticated. They are a favorite for many modern homeowners in Woodstock, GA. However, that rich look can quickly become overwhelming if you choose the wrong wall color.

Combining a dark wall and dark flooring will make any space look unwelcoming. That combination can make the space feel smaller and trigger claustrophobia in some people.

So, if you’re not designing a space that will only be great for Halloween, it’s best to choose only light wall colors if you have dark floors. The exact colors can be anything from light pink to olive. You can always stick to white or cream if you’re not feeling adventurous.  

For a Neutral Floor

Neutral undertones like gray have remained a popular choice through the years. What wall color should you choose for your gray floor? The right answer is warmer colors.

Choosing neutral shades can leave the space feeling devoid of character. Default options like white can also leave the space feeling like a giant sterile lab that will take much décor work before it starts to feel welcoming — if it ever does.

For Light-Toned Floors

The best wall color for a space with light wood floors is neutral or light colors. Most people choose light-toned floors because they give a space a clean, clutter-free look.

Choosing light wall colors can help make the space feel more open and airier.

Get Expert Guidance for Your Woodstock, GA, Home From A&P Painting and Flooring

Decorating your space doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Work with a highly experienced crew can provide guidance on wall and floor color combination, the frequency of painting your house, the choice of paint products for darker or lighter walls, and more.

Call A&P Painting and Flooring today to get started.

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