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How To Prep a House for Painting in Dunwoody?

how to prep a house for painting

Are you thinking about painting your house in Dunwoody, GA? It’s an exciting experience! Painting your home can boost curb appeal and make you fall in love with your house all over again.

However, the preparation is a significant chunk of the painting process. It’s also the most important part. Proper preparation will give you a clean finish and the paint job will last a lot longer overall. Not sure where to begin? Dunwoody’s reliable painting service covers how to prep a house for painting in this post. 

You’ll learn all the steps for prepping your house for paint work for both exterior and interior painting projects. get together your painting readiness checklist for your home.

Preparing Your Home Exterior for Painting

Below are the steps you should take when painting your house exterior:

  • Wash the surface. Hire a pressure washer to wash your home’s exterior. You don’t want to paint over layers of dirt, dust, and other such residue. Be careful with the pressure washer, though, to avoid causing damage to your property.
  • Scrape off loose paint. Once the surface is dry, it’s time to eliminate loose or flaking paint. You can get rid of the flaking paint using putty knife or a paint scraper.
  • Complete all necessary repairs. One of the most important tips on how to prep a house for painting is to repair any visible damage first. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a rough look.
  • Do some light sanding. Sanding your exterior surface is another way to remove old paint. However, it is another great way to ensure you’ll get an even finish.
  • Protect trims with painter’s tape. Tape off the trim around doors and windows using painter’s tape.
  • Protect your lawn. Put down some drop clothes around the areas you’re working on to keep excess paint from getting onto your lawn and shrubs.

Getting Your House Ready for Interior Painting

Some of the most important interior house painting preparation tips you should keep in mind include the following:

  • Remove obstructions. You can’t paint around furniture, wall art, curtains, and more. You have to remove them from the room. You can also push the larger items to the center and cover everything with a drop cloth.
  • Dismantle the outlet and switch covers, the ceiling fan, and light fixtures. Paint getting on your outlet and switch covers will give you an untidy finish. If it gets on the ceiling fan, you’ll have some cleaning to do. Stained light fixtures means new ones. It’s hard to clean them without breaking a few!
  • Cover the frame hangers. Don’t pull out the frame or picture hangers. You can cover them with painter’s tape as well.
  • Protect your flooring. Lay down drop cloths to protect your floor areas from paint drips.

Get Expert Help From A&P Painting & Flooring

Do you need more guidance on how to prep a house for painting? Maybe you need help with how to choose the right paint color. The A&P Painting & Flooring team in Dunwoody, GA, is always happy to help.

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