Do’s and Don’ts of Painting Accent Walls

Painting Accent Walls

Do you want to spice up your home’s interior? Accent walls can transform your humdrum room into something unique and exciting. Below are some do’s and don’ts of painting accent walls to help you through the process.


1. Choose the Proper Wall

Accent walls are like exclamation marks—using them here and there adds variation and excitement. However, if you use them everywhere, it makes them repetitive and uninteresting. Remember this as you launch into your paint projects.

Only one wall should be your accent wall, so choose well. Visualize the color of the accent wall and which would look best. It’s an important decision, so take your time and consider the various factors of residential painting in Woodstock, GA, by A&P.

2. Use Your Creativity

Be creative with your accent wall. Think outside the box and make your wall unique. It’s an excellent opportunity to express yourself and unleash your inner artist.

Here are some great ideas to help spark your creativity:

  • Use multiple, complementary colors
  • Paint with patterns like stripes or swirls
  • Add a unique texture


1. Make the Colors Clash

Your accent wall is unique but still part of the other walls and your overall home aesthetic. The wall paint should provide contrast but not clash with the rest of the room’s paint color. If you aren’t careful, your artistry could turn into an eyesore. 

As you pick the best color for your accent wall, consider the colors you’re using for the following:

  • Other walls
  • Furniture
  • Flooring
  • Appliances

You’ll also want to consider your home’s focal points and overall lighting. What colors stand out but don’t clash with other bold colors? What are the best paint colors for low-light rooms?

2. Be Timid

Don’t be timid as you think about painting accent walls. The wall should add extra flair to your home, so embrace it. The last thing you want is an accent wall that looks just as good as the walls around it.

Neutral colors won’t do for this painting project. Instead, you’ll want to choose bold colors that jump out at you when you walk into the room. Painting an accent wall allows you to take risks and do something special.

After you finish your accent wall, don’t freak out if it’s not quite what you expected. It might take some time to get used to the added pop.

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