Painting Over Old Exterior Paint: Is it Advisable?

painting over old exterior paint

Do you think it’s time for a fresh new coat of exterior paint on your home? With the right color, your house will have greater curb appeal and more strongly withstand the elements. Still, you’re going to need to know how to go about the process to get proper adhesion and avoid any mishaps.

Painting over exterior paint is not always recommended – it depends on the type of paint you’re using and painting over.

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How to Paint Over Old Paint

If you painted over the surface once, it should be simple to repaint it. Still, you should leave extra time to prime and prepare your home’s exterior. Here are some things to keep in mind and add to your checklist:

  • Wash the exterior to clean it of grease, dust, and other debris.
  • Fill any cracks with a flexible filler.
  • If you opt to fill, apply a primer to avoid a choppy finish.
  • Apply the new coat of paint twice.
  • Are you opting for a lighter color? Use a basic white matte emulsion for the first coat. This will prevent the older coat from showing.
  • Use an orbital sander to smooth out any imperfections that primer would not cover.

Priming (or Not)

Priming creates a level surface, ideal for painting projects. This allows the new coat to adhere better – but is this always necessary when painting over exterior paint?

You can skip using a primer if:

  • Your new coat is an identical color to the previous coat, and the wall is clean and smooth.
  • The new and old paints are the same kind (for example, lead-based paint or oil paint).

You should use a primer if:

  • You want to cover latex paint; oil paints won’t cover latex paints because they won’t stick.
  • The exterior is deteriorating or in poor condition. Primers will assist you in masking the imperfections.
  • Your new coat is significantly lighter than the darker paint already on the exterior.

Before embarking on this project yourself, it’s critical you familiarize yourself with all the factors influencing how you should proceed, as messing up on the exterior will have unfortunate, lasting results.

Before Painting Over Old Exterior Paint, Consult the Professionals

Sometimes, despite the best intentions and research, exterior painting projects can be too much to handle due to time, quality of labor, and numerous other factors.

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