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Deck Staining in Roswell

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Deck Staining In Roswell

If you’re tired of your old, weather-worn deck, deck staining in Roswell, GA, is the answer. Staining protects the wood of your deck, reducing the odds that your deck will split or warp due to exposure to the elements. Our team at A&P Painting and Flooring provides professional help with your decking.

Are you considering a full backyard makeover? You can improve the look of your house even further with exterior painting services.

Signs You Should Stain Your Deck in Roswell

How do you know it’s time to stain your deck? Generally, the experts recommend calling the professionals to stain your deck about every three years. You can feel confident about the application of a new stain by working with an award-winning company, like A&P Contractors.

Sometimes, your deck may require a new stain before three years pass. You may notice your previous sealant wearing out early if your deck starts to:

  • Look worn
  • Appear dull
  • Flake up
  • Absorb water instead of repelling it
  • Grow mold

To determine if your deck needs new staining, you can even perform a test with a cup of water. First, pour the water on your deck in a few places.

The water should form droplets on the surface of the wood decking. However, if the wood absorbs the water, we recommend that you set up an appointment to reapply stain to your deck.

Get Expert Help with Deck Staining

As a 5-star rated company, A&P Painting and Flooring provides comprehensive deck staining in Roswell. We take pride in ensuring customer satisfaction after each job while maintaining reasonably priced options for home maintenance.

Crews start deck staining by performing an inspection. This inspection allows technicians to assess the condition of your deck and develop a plan to handle staining. We use different techniques to prepare decks, but often:

  • Power wash the surface
  • Sand the wood
  • Make any necessary repairs

After handling preparation, crews apply a sealant and stain to the wood. The stain can change the color of your decking and provide additional protection.

Finally, on-site job supervisors assess the results of the stain and walk you through your finished deck. We don’t consider our job finished until you’re happy with the result!

Your Options for Wood Stains for Decking

You have options when it comes to the type of stain you want to use for your decking in Roswell. Some property owners prefer a water-based stain, while others prefer oil-based options.

In either situation, these stains contain sealants that protect the wood. You can also explore several different stain colors to change the appearance of your deck, from light blond to deep, rich brown stains.

Once you see what a fresh coat of stain does for your newly finished deck, continue updating your home with interior painting services.

Set Up Your Appointment for Roswell Deck Staining

You can get fast help if your deck needs re-stained in Roswell, GA. A&P Painting and Flooring handles each step of the staining process, from preparation to clean-up. Our team focuses on giving you the deck that you want.

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