Should I Paint My Brick House in Woodstock, GA? Pros & Cons

painting brick house

Should I paint my brick house or embrace its vintage look? Everywhere you look, social media trends and home design gurus seem to agree that earthy tones are now out of style. Instead, there are more and more gorgeous before-and-after posts appearing from those who boldly venture to transform their run-of-the-mill brick houses with a splash of modern paintwork.

Here, Woodstock’s residential painting experts weigh the benefits and drawbacks of painting a brick house in Woodstock, GA, so that you can decide for yourself.

The Pros of Painting a Brick House in Woodstock, GA

Improved Curb Appeal

Undoubtedly, the top benefit of painting exterior brick surfaces is the home’s new aesthetics. A coat of paint gives the property a completely different look, one that’s attractive to passersby and visitors alike. If you want to put the property on the market, new paintwork might even work to close the sale at your desired listing price, as potential buyers appreciate its modern appeal.

Extra Layers of Protection

The weather can affect brick houses heavily. For example, the cold, wet, and humid weather in Woodstock, GA, can be particularly tough on bricks. However, a high-quality paint job should effectively protect the brick walls and other surfaces against outdoor elements and water damage for years to come.

Easier Cleaning

Raw brick walls can be a nightmare to clean. Unpainted brick surfaces require you to spend quite a bit more time getting into all the grooves and grouting. Painting your bricks provides bright, beautiful surfaces and also makes them far easier to wipe down or pressure wash.

Flexible Palette Choices

Should you paint your brick house for the sake of a design change? If you are tired of seeing brick surfaces, painting certainly presents you with a wide range of exciting options. You can change your home’s appearance and then change your mind with a new coat of paint whenever you feel like it.

The Cons of Painting a Brick House in Woodstock, GA

More Maintenance

Woodstock properties look amazing with a fresh coat of paint, but the climate means you will need to refresh the look from time to time. Why not work with a professional painter for high-quality paint and thorough preparation that helps the paintwork last longer?

No Reversal

Once you paint your brick house, it becomes almost impossible to reverse the decision. Say goodbye to the original brick color if you go this route, even if you decide to risk your health using paint-stripping chemicals. Only paint the bricks if you are certain you won’t miss them.

To Paint or Not to Paint? Seek Professional Guidance

Why not check your design and painting options with local professionals like A&P Painting and Flooring? We recommend using the property style as a guide. For instance, if you live in a colonial or Tudor-style home with beautiful bricks, painting isn’t a good idea.

Should you paint your brick house before selling property in Woodstock, GA? Ask A&P Painting and Flooring, whether you want to explore exterior paint colors that sell your house best or contact us for an estimate!

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