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Improve your deck’s appearance and extend its lifespan with a new coat of stain—Contact us today for quality deck staining services in Woodstock.

Regular maintenance is critical to protect your deck against rain, direct sunlight, temperature fluctuations, and more. Without an additional layer of protection, it could warp and split, resulting in costly repairs or even premature replacement.

You can rely on our award-winning team at A&P Painting and Flooring for professional deck staining in Woodstock, GA, to maximize your deck’s lifespan, function, and appearance. Whether you want to re-stain an old deck or put the first coat on a new one, we can provide you with a reasonably priced service that will exceed your expectations.

Keep your entire building look its best and protected from the elements. Schedule exterior painting along with your deck staining service.

Does Your Deck Need New Stain?

Many home and business owners unknowingly wait longer than they should to put a fresh coat of stain on their decks. We recommend that you schedule a deck staining service once every three years, but your deck may need re-stained before that. How do you know if your deck needs re-staining?

  • Appearance: If the existing seal coat no longer offers sufficient protection, your deck will have a dull, flaky, or worn appearance. You may also notice stains, mold growth, or other forms of surface contamination.
  • Water test: Pour a cup of water on several areas on your deck to see if the current stain coating repels the droplets. If the droplets stay on the surface, forming beads and puddles, re-staining is not necessary. If the water soaks into the wood, it’s time to schedule a re-stain.
  • Structural integrity: A deck showing signs of splitting and splintering needs quick attention. You may also notice soft spots, suggesting some level of rot. Severe deterioration will affect your deck’s structure and may even make it unsafe to use.

Deck Staining in Woodstock – What to Expect

Our on-site job supervisors implement a proven deck staining process to ensure quality, lasting results. Here’s how it works:

  • Deck inspection: We assess your deck’s condition to determine the degree of deterioration and determine the best course of action.
  • Preparation: The steps necessary to prepare your deck for sealing and staining will vary depending on its conditions. We may power wash, sand, or make other repairs.
  • Sealant and stain application: We’ll apply sealant and stain to protect your deck against the elements.
  • Final inspection: After the stain is dry, all that’s left to do is make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with the result—our job isn’t done until you say so!

Is more than your deck showing signs of damage from foot traffic? Let us transform your flooring as well. Schedule a flooring service estimate today.

Woodstock’s Best Deck Staining Services

The safety and integrity of your deck depend on proper maintenance. When it comes to staining your deck, you won’t find better rates or results anywhere else in Woodstock, GA, and surrounding areas.

At A&P Painting and Flooring, we only use stains and protective coatings from the industry’s top brands. As a 5-star-rated company, we have the experience and tools to ensure your new deck stain stands the test of time and protects your deck for years to come.

If your deck shows signs of rot and weathering, don’t put re-staining off. Our skilled team at A&P Painting and Flooringis here to help.

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