What Color Should I Paint My Garage in Woodstock?

what color should i paint my garage

When searching for painting ideas, you’ll often see blogs and articles focusing on interior design for living rooms, bathrooms, or dining rooms. However, you may wonder, “What color should I paint my garage?” A&P Painting and Flooring provides top-quality residential painters in Woodstock to answer questions like these.

Should You Paint Your Garage?

Many people only use their garage for little more than storage, so you may wonder if painting the garage is worth the effort. Even so, there’s a valuable reason for considering color in this potentially underused space: psychology.

Studies from as early as Sir Isaac Newton’s time and echoed in research in 2019 show that color affects people in various ways. Books, college classes, and blogs discuss color theory, including using the color wheel to your advantage.

In general, if you use a space frequently, you should design it with your comfort in mind. Coordinating the colors in your garage can increase your satisfaction with your property and improve your mood after a long day of work.

Inside Your Garage: Soft and Light Base

The question, “What color should I paint my garage?” only comes up occasionally when repainting properties. Still, the psychological effects colors have on homeowners don’t suddenly stop because of this one room.

A&P Painting and Flooring’s interior painters may suggest using lighter colors on the walls due to their effects on room visuals:

  • They help rooms feel larger.
  • They contrast nicely with dark-colored flooring.
  • Homeowners find them easier to clean than purely white walls.

Beige, pale gray, or pale blue all maintain these effects. Blue also tends to calm people, hence why many cities, like Atlanta, have started installing blue streetlights on highways to calm nighttime drivers.

These colors also provide a great base for other design aspects, including color coordination. For example, if you get colored cabinets, they may fit better with beige or gray walls. When using blue semigloss paint, you may consider cabinets with complementary colors, like tones of orange or brown.

Garage Doors: Consider Your Curb

When returning to your Woodstock property, you often notice three aspects first: the front door, garage door, and curb. Garage doors often take up a sizable portion of your property’s front-facing appeal. A new coat of garage door paint can help your house appeal to visitors and make it stand out.

You may want to avoid loud, bombastic colors as they can clash with other housing materials. Your front door should always remain the focal point, so the color on top of the priming paint shouldn’t distract from it. Instead, hire a professional to help choose a color that works well with your home’s wall and roofing materials.

Rely on Woodstock’s Color Experts Today

A&P Painting and Flooring experts can help you when you wonder, “What color should I paint my garage?” The team has several years of experience helping Woodstock property owners revise and refresh their homes. You can rely on top-quality contractors for choosing paint colors, refinishing wood, deck installations, and more.

Reach out to A&P Painting and Flooring for home design assistance today!

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