What Color to Paint a Hallway with No Windows in Your Woodstock Home

Painted hallway

Choosing any paint color can be challenging, but deciding what color to paint a hallway with no windows can be even more difficult. A&P Painting & Flooring, the most trusted contractor for residential painting in Woodstock, GA, has some advice and guidelines to help any homeowner choose to perfect shade of paint for a dark hallway. 

Brighten Your Woodstock Home with Light or Neutral Shades 

Painting the walls of a hallway that doesn’t get natural light from windows a dark color can make it feel gloomy or even foreboding. Unless you plan to keep the lights on all the time or brighten the space with lighter-colored flooring and accessories, it’s best to choose white, neutrals, or lighter shades of your favorite colors to ensure the hallway appears bright and welcoming.

Some of the options for hallway colors include:

  • Shades of white. Off-white tones, in particular, are warm and welcoming but still make the space feel bright and airy. 
  • Gray. Light gray is the perfect paint color for a hallway without windows. Neutral cool grays are sophisticated and keep the space from feeling small and dark.
  • Blue or Green. Light shades like powder blue and pale sage green add a pop of relaxing color and make dark hallways feel brighter and more open.
  • Yellow. A pale, sunny yellow color scheme adds cheer to a windowless space. 
  • Light blush. A very pale pink or blush paint is welcoming and cheerful.

Another option is to coordinate the hallway paint with adjacent rooms. Hallways are transitional spaces, and playing off the colors you used elsewhere creates a cohesive and seamless look throughout your home. 

Paint Techniques to Make Hallways Feel Larger 

Knowing what color to paint a hallway with no windows is one way to make a potentially claustrophobic space feel larger. Implementing certain paint tricks and techniques can also help create the illusion of a brighter and more open area. 

  • Use paint with a reflective finish, like eggshell, satin, or gloss. Choosing the right finish ensures the walls reflect more light from an adjacent room, making the hallway feel wider.
  • Use several shades of paint. Painting the lower half of the wall a deeper color and the top half with lighter paint creates the illusion of depth and helps the hallways feel brighter. 
  • Paint the ceiling and trim white. If you choose a color like yellow or green for the walls, pair them with bright white trim and a white ceiling. This helps the hallways feel wider and taller. 

Get Professional Help Painting Your Woodstock Home

Whether you need help deciding what color to paint a hallway with no windows, aren’t sure about paint colors for low-light rooms, or need help deciding on a new color scheme for your home’s exterior, A&P Painting & Flooring can help. Even the perfect color won’t look its best without a quality paint job, so call them for help with your project in the Woodstock area.

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