What Color To Paint House With Green Roof

what color to paint house with green roof

Choosing a green roof is a bold decision. It’s a sure way to make your building stand out in a landscape that undoubtedly has more black, brown, or cream-colored roofs. However, that choice of roof color often creates a mini conundrum when it’s time to give the house a fresh coat of paint in a different color.

Have you found yourself wondering what color to paint a house with a green roof? In this post, the best house painting company in Cumming, GA, will look at various color ideas you can consider.

Classic Neutral Colors

You can’t go wrong with neutral colors. A basic understanding of color theory will tell you that you can spin the neutral color wheel with your eyes closed and still pick a color that will match your green roof.

Some of the best options you can choose include the following.


The crisp look of white blends with any shade of green you have on your roof. It will also work for all types of architectural styles, including Victorian, colonial, farmhouse, and contemporary designs. 

You can also be a bit more intentional with your choice of white instead of going with the first shade you can find. Cool whites work great with a mossy green, while a warmer white can boost curb appeal for a home with a brighter green roof.


Beige is an excellent choice if you’re wondering what color to paint a house with a green roof but don’t like the obvious choice of stark white. Beige is a lot warmer than white and will complement the natural environment around your house a lot better. 


Gray is a sophisticated color that has stood the test of time. It can match any shade of green you have on your roof. Go for lighter gray if you want a more contemporary feel or a darker shade if you want to bring some visual drama to the property. 

Harmonious Look Options

Are you considering more earthy colors to give your property a more synchronized look? Here are a few options you can go with.


Brown is an excellent paint choice if you want your home to have a grounded, natural feel on the outside. The color works great for forest green or moss green roofs. Lighter tans will make your home feel warmer, while darker browns will give it a more rustic appearance.


It may sound strange at first, but complementing your green roof with another shade of green across your home’s exterior is a sure way to give your property a stunning monochromatic appearance.

It’s a bold choice, though. So, you have to be careful about the shades. Choose a richer emerald green if you have a light green roof. Light sage green on exterior walls complements darker green roofs a lot better.

Get Expert Guidance on Your House Colors

Are you still wondering what color to paint a house with a green roof? Do you need more color scheme ideas? 

Call A&P Painting and Flooring, the premier residential and commercial painting company in Cumming, GA, for professional guidance.

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