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What Type of Paint for Bathroom Walls Is Best for Your Woodstock Home?

what type of paint for bathroom

Have you wondered what type of paint for bathroom walls would elevate your Woodstock, Georgia, home? Keep reading to discover more about selecting paint for the unique challenges a bathroom brings. Then, call A&P Contractors for Woodstock’s best house painting contractors.

Answering Your Questions: Painting the Bathroom Walls Like a Professional

If you want to decide on the type of paint your bathroom needs, there are three considerations: sheen, preparation, and the color itself.

What Paint Sheen Does Your Bathroom Need?

Glossier paints happen to be more moisture-resistant. They’re easier to clean, helping your bathroom look amazing while resisting mold and mildew well.

Flat finishes are the worst paint types for bathrooms and capture moisture and dirt easily. This paint choice will quickly make your bathroom unsightly. It also contributes to mold on walls and ceilings.

Check the details before purchasing paint. Does the original manufacturer recommend it for bathrooms? Only a few brands produce matte finishes that work well in bathrooms, including Benjamin Moore’s Aura Bath and Spa Matte Finish.

What Should You Prepare Before You Repaint Your Woodstock Bathroom?

Before applying that fresh coat of paint, the professionals will carefully prepare your bathroom walls as follows:

  • Clean your walls, including removing mildew with a bleach solution
  • Repair any holes, addressing dried drips or blemishes
  • Select and apply a mold-eliminating or mildew-resistant primer
  • Gather painter’s tape, drop cloths, and other supplies

In a bathroom, you can’t just paint without addressing mold and mildew. Painting over organic growth could affect the finish and durability of the paint. If it’s severe, you may need to tackle the problem before starting to repaint, as mold contributes to various health problems

If you use flat paint or another unsuitable type of paint for a bathroom, you might have to clean bathroom mold and paint off simultaneously to start from scratch. A little preparation goes a long way toward successfully painting your bathroom, particularly how your paint performs over time.

What’s the Perfect Paint Color for Durability, Style, and Ease of Cleaning?

So, what type of paint for bathroom walls would be ideal for your Woodstock property? A durable paint color helps, but don’t forget to look at how easy the paint is to clean, as well. When you notice dirt and other stains, will cleaning be a breeze with your chosen paint type and color?

Finally, the color choice comes down to aesthetics. Many homeowners go with the timeless beauty of neutral colors, as bold hues become dated and affect how skin tone appears in the mirror as you’re getting ready to go out.

Repaint Your Bathroom Perfectly With Woodstock, Georgia’s A&P Contractors

So, now all you need to decide is what type of paint for bathroom walls fits your ideal. Read about the best paint colors for low-light rooms or take the stress out of choosing by putting A&P Contractors on the job.

Give your home a refresh—contact A&P Contractors for interior painting in Woodstock, Georgia, and the surrounding areas!

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