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Which Paint Colors Work Best In Low Light Rooms?

Which Paint Colors Work Best In Low Light Rooms?

Have you ever picked a paint color at a hardware store only to get home and discover it looks completely different? That is because lighting plays a huge role in how your paint looks, especially in low light rooms. 

How do you know which color to choose? Well, before you bring in professional painters, there are a few factors to consider. Read on to find out what impacts the look of your interior paint and which colors work best in low light rooms.


The amount of sunlight that enters a room changes throughout the day and through the seasons. A room that appears bright and sunny in the morning, might be dark and dense in the late afternoon.

When choosing colors for rooms in your house you must consider both extremes. Although it may be tempting to cater to the brightest part of the day, it is better to choose a color that is more suited to low light. 

Artificial Light

What types of lighting fixtures do you have in your low-light room? Lots of fluorescent lamps can make the walls look muted or washed out. Warmer bulbs bring out the depth and riches of the colors. 

Accent Walls

For the most part, lighter colors work best for low light rooms. However, a strategic accent wall can often make the room look bigger and brighter. Just be sure your accent wall color is complementary to the other walls in the room.   

Interior Design

Furniture, drapes, rugs, and other interior features have the potential to clash with paint colors and make the room feel tiny. It is best to choose a color that won’t clash with or overpower these aspects of the room design. 

Best Colors for Low Light Rooms

When choosing the best colors for your low light rooms, you want something that is going to help reflect the light. Although every color, except black, reflects light, not all of them do it equally. Lighter and brighter colors will enhance the sense of spaciousness in the room.

Here are some great interior painting colors for low light rooms:

  • Lavender
  • Warm greys
  • Dusty blue
  • Muted yellow
  • Pale pink
  • Chocolate brown
  • Lime green

Off-white is another great option, although some people find it lacks warmth and character. It does work quite well in rooms where you plan to use a lot of bright or vibrant patterns and colors in your decor.

Paint Your Low Light Rooms

Once you understand your lighting situation, accent wall colors, and interior features, choosing the right paint color should be a breeze. Just remember, the goal with all low light rooms is to make them feel bigger and brighter. 

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