Why Do We Skim Coat Walls? Is It Important?

Why Do We Skim Coat Walls Is It Important

A&P Painting & Flooring’s team comprises the leading exterior paint contractors in Woodstock, GA. Over the years, we have mastered techniques for drywall installation, drywall repair, and general home remodeling. As a result, we continue to produce exceptional results that leave our customers delighted.

The A&P Painting & Flooring team uses many tools, including skim coating, to ensure that our customers’ walls look as good as possible. Skim coat walls are the industry standard for drywall repair.

Skim Coating Basics: What Is It?

Skim coating involves applying a thin coating of drywall compound over a wall to smooth the surface texture and cover any bumps or irregularities. In the wall and flooring industry, experts also call drywall compound joint compounds. The Master Painter Institute identifies the skim coat as a factor for achieving the best finish when painting drywall.

Skim coat walls require precise application, meticulous attention to detail, and the right materials. Minor mistakes in the installation process can ruin the effect of skim coat walls, so it is a good idea to leave the job of applying a skim coating to the experts.

The Process of Applying a Skim Coat

When the technician comes to work on your drywall, they will arrive promptly with protective gear, drop cloths, and painter’s tape to protect your home from dust and other drywall materials. They will also protect your outlets, molding, and floors before they start work to eliminate the risk of damage to any part of your home.

For skim coating, they start with one section of the wall before applying the skim coat to the entire wall. 

Once preparations are complete, the technicians will prepare and apply the drywall compound. They will use rollers, a drywall knife, and a texture sprayer to ensure an even application. With steady hands, they will apply the smoothest possible skim coat possible.

After the technicians apply the skim coat, they will sand the wall and prepare it for painting or wallpaper application. To get an even smoother finish, they may apply more than one coat of paint to the skim coat wall. 

Benefits of Skim Coat Walls

If your wall has scratches, gouges, or rough patches, it will cost significantly less to apply a skim coat than to tear down the wall and replace it with new drywall. Skim coat application also takes less time and reduces the amount of dust and debris compared to new drywall installation, making it a more efficient process.

Even new drywall is bound to have some imperfections. Skim coat walls are smoother and more attractive than painted drywall without a skim coat. Skim coat walls have a smooth finish that improves property values and impresses guests.

Get Quality Drywall Repair from A&P Painting & Flooring

A&P Painting & Flooring uses the best materials and techniques to provide customers with smooth, flawless walls and floors. We have years of experience with skim coat walls, wallpaper, paint, and everything you need for professional drywall installation and repair. Let us show you how skim coating can enhance your next interior remodeling project.

To learn more about skim coating and other tools of the trade, contact the A&P Painting & Flooring team. Set up an appointment and get a free estimate for drywall installation and repair by calling us today!

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